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Preventing the death spiral in sport: Anticipating and fixing game-day problems

Athletes get tripped up in their games in ways that can be predicted and prevented in the first place. Bob Palmer gives you three simple approaches to prevent the preventable and tackle the unpredictable.  So what can you do when … Continue reading

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Stopped having fun in your sport? Here’s a high performance tip for getting your passion back

The key (and often unsaid) reason athletes seek out sport mental training from high performance trainers like me is fun — they’ve stopped having it.  Whether it is because of inconsistency, losing, injuries, reduced playing time or on-going intimidation, athletes … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being Unrealistic in Sport

If you have ever been told that you are too small, too old, too slow, too weak, too inconsistent or too meek, this video is for you.  And, if someone has told you that you just don’t have what it … Continue reading

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Cool Down / Stretching Tip for Triathletes

Julie Anderson, Team Manager for Mercury Rising Triathlon is our guest blogger this week.  She shares her video training tip for cooling down and stretching after a run. About our Guest Blogger: Julie Anderson is the Team Manager for Mercury … Continue reading

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