With the SportExcel System you learn how to take leadership, get the fun back in your sport and win.  It’s a system like no other and you’ll love it.  You’ll start with your moments of brilliance, not your failures.  No talk, no therapy and no stigma…just high performance tools to help you to get the job done.   SportExcel’s high performance trainer, Bob Palmer, delivers this hands on, self-empowering program to a worldwide clientele via Skype or the telephone.  It works hand in hand with your skills training and coaching.

Training Options

Athletes_testimonialsSportExcel’s empowering system is one of the most important gifts you’ll ever give to yourself, your team or your child.   Sure it requires some investment, but so does equipment, training and court, range or ice time.  But you can become the expert in managing your Zone.  You can build incredible focus, skillfulness and influence.  You can learn to be consistent and win.    Find out more.

Parents_TestimonialWith SportExcel you and your teen athlete will train together via Skype and acquire an innovative approach to winning, leadership and fun that utilizes your Zone and gives you powerful tools to support it. Your Zone is the essential part of your sport foundation that you will continually reinforce and refine over the course of this program, your season and your career.   Find out more.

Coaches_TestimonialsThe SportExcel High Performance System teaches you the true depth of your power and how to use it skillfully and wisely to ensure your team is well prepared, mentally ready and consistently in the Zone.    You TRANSFORM your athletes.  You build a powerful presence that can INSPIRE them to great performances. And you ultimately empower them to take charge of their game and lives.  Find out more.

LeadersThe SportExcel High Performance System gives you the skills to lead by example and, in doing so, create a culture of leadership and winning.  You currently use systems for hiring, firing, managing and reporting, and now you have the opportunity to implement a system for your leadership game.  It all starts with you.  Find out more.

ClinicsSportExcel delivers high performance clinics to your sport leaders, coaches and/or athletes in all sports.  Athletes and coaches  learn the tools to become the expert in managing their Zone.  They build incredible focus, model Olympians and pros, develop leadership skills and learn to fix virtually any block to performance.   It is a hands-on clinic designed to build camaraderie and teamwork.  Find out more.

Free_Intro3 SportExcel offers you a free, one-hour, no-obligation training session via Skype with SportExcel High Performance Strategist, Bob Palmer.  We’ll introduce you to the Zone, an essential part of your game and the starting point of the SportExcel high performance system.

After this and every session, Bob will ask: “How will you perform now?”  As the system is designed to transform your game, ignite your passion and deliver empowering strategies for on-going improvement–the answer had better be “fantastic!”  or he hasn’t done his job.  Book your free intro.

Contact us
Toll-free North America: 1.877.967.5747  |  International: 1.705.720.2291  |                 Skype: sportexcel  | Email:


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