Using Peripheral Vision: Skiing faster and feeling like it is slower

Many skiers and racers look directly in front of them rather than in a peripheral manner where they see the front and the sides.

Being in a peripheral vision mode has many advantages in sport, especially in skiing and snowboarding, both recreationally and in competition.  To get into a peripheral mode, hold both of your index fingers six inches out to the sides of your head where you can see them and continue to look straight ahead while seeing both your fingers and a distant image in front.  In this manner, you will see both the edges of the runs—the trees—and the slope in front of you.

It will feel quite different and it does four things:

1)    Allows you to see (and feel) turns, bumps and terrain features sooner

2)    Gives you much more awareness of other people

3)    Relaxes you and prevents negative self-talk

4)    Makes a faster speed seem slower

Give it a try and set off your peripheral vision at the start of a practice run.  Maintain the vision and do a couple of runs in that mode.  Then switch back to where you look directly in front of you and notice the difference.  It will take practice but it’ll be worth it.

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About Bob Palmer

I'm Bob Palmer, CEO of SportExcel and a high performance expert in sport. For the past 20 years I've trained athletes, coaches, CEO's and parents on six continents, in a high performance system test-driven by champions that supercharges their game and teaches them how to win in just seven weeks. From kids as young as ten to seniors in their 70's, my six-step system has gotten incredible results at all levels of competition where many have achieved podium success in the Olympic, Commonwealth, Pan Am, and X Games, as well as in many developmental, collegiate and recreational sports. "With the SportExcel System you learn how to win, take leadership of your sport and get the fun back. In just seven weeks you'll learn the Zone, build consistency, create life-long momentum, acquire sport-specific skills quickly and take decisive leadership of your sport. And, after every training session, you’ll be asked one question: How will you play now? And your answer had better be “fantastic” or I haven't done my job - satisfaction guaranteed." Bob Palmer, B.E.S., B.Ed. CEO, SportExcel Inc.
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