Applying High Performance to Education and Sport

I got a desperate call from one of my athletes saying she had failed an important exam.  She had studied long and hard and couldn’t’ understand why she hadn’t passed.  The exam was critical to her future career and she had taken it seriously, but to no avail.

I asked if she liked the course and her response was that it was boring and her professor very dry.  I asked her what she thought her Zone level was for this class out of a score of ten (with one being low and ten being high).  She told me it felt like a four out of 10 most of the time.

So I said to her “You wanted to be a 10 on the exam after a whole semester of classes where you were only like a four?  It’s not going to happen.  Your four on the exam is representative of the lack of excellence you felt all semester.”

So I took her through the same strategies I had taken her through previously for her sport, but this time for her education.  She became a self-starter with her own learning zone so she did not have to wait to be ignited by a professor who clearly didn’t have the tools to be a motivator or a leader.  My athlete quickly shifted to a 10 and is looking forward with ignited passion to retaking the course.

As many of my athletes are in school and  looking for scholarships or are currently on one, the SportExcel system puts them at the top of their educational game.  Students need to become a 10 in class in order to understand and model the thinking processes of their professors and/or fellow students.  Be a 10 in class, be a 10 for the exam.  It’s a simple equation.

And it goes much further for them (and everyone else) as a rule, as it applies to their sports training as well.  Be a 10 in practice; get your 10 back in competition.

About Bob Palmer

I'm Bob Palmer, CEO of SportExcel and a high performance expert in sport. For the past 20 years I've trained athletes, coaches, CEO's and parents on six continents, in a high performance system test-driven by champions that supercharges their game and teaches them how to win in just seven weeks. From kids as young as ten to seniors in their 70's, my six-step system has gotten incredible results at all levels of competition where many have achieved podium success in the Olympic, Commonwealth, Pan Am, and X Games, as well as in many developmental, collegiate and recreational sports. "With the SportExcel System you learn how to win, take leadership of your sport and get the fun back. In just seven weeks you'll learn the Zone, build consistency, create life-long momentum, acquire sport-specific skills quickly and take decisive leadership of your sport. And, after every training session, you’ll be asked one question: How will you play now? And your answer had better be “fantastic” or I haven't done my job - satisfaction guaranteed." Bob Palmer, B.E.S., B.Ed. CEO, SportExcel Inc.
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